Our Mission

The Ballet and Dance Orchestra exists primarily to connect culture, arts and the modern orchestra. Founded in 2016, by founder, musician, and conductor Ezra Haugabrooks, the company champions for the education of passionate artists alongside trained musicians; through the pillars of our organization: education, service and production we are connecting performing arts and culture with the superior sound off a live orchestra.



The Ballet and Dance Orchestra, exists primarily to connect experienced professional performing artists with those young and old who have a passion to acquire musical and music technical prowess. Through expert training we are preparing artists for performances, in our own company and its’ mission as well as providing passionate musicians the skills to audition and perform around the world.



The BADO under the supervision of conductor and founder, Ezra Haugabrooks offers the services of a trained orchestra of up to 25 musicians to recreate live music as well as compose and perform one of a kind pieces. If your company uses “canned” music, and would like an affordable option to raise the vibration of your ballet, dance or play performance, consider The BADO experience.



We produce unique, one-of-a kind experiences partnering with local artists, dancer, writers, actors, poets, singers and musicians to produce one of a kind works of art, backed by the live powerful orchestra. Our experiences connect artists around their passions and bring our audiences memorable recreations of story they loved - never told told like this before.