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The mission of Ballet and Dance Orchestra is to create musical experiences at the highest level that shatter traditional programming boundaries; to connect communities through artistic collaboration; to inspire as well as invest in a culture of communal/industry driven arts education.


BADO endeavors to be the world's foremost professional accompanying and collaborative orchestra. Through the production of and participation in diverse artistic experiences. BADO strives to build engaged audiences who are inspired by outstanding collective artistry and will continue to foster a pioneering creative spirit in the Tampa Bay area and throughout the world.


Ezra Haugabrooks. Founder and Artistic Director

I believe in Humanity. One of our best attributes is our capacity to choose. We share a depth and nuance to our choices. To be an artist, however, is less of a choice and more of a responsibility. That extends from the continuous cultivation of our craft out into the community. I choose to produce the best artistic experience possible. I have also chosen to collaborate with both the small unknown performing arts organization and the large well established performing arts organization.

My objective is to provide an excellent service to the community that inspires, informs and brings people together. I have set out to provide young pre-professionals with an opportunity to work in their field. As well as design an ambitious season that invites the community to experience the musical arts from their perspective. With young and talented artists as well as diverse genre busting productions. Humanity and musical service comes first.